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Who Is Eligible For Marine & Offshore Fare?

People who are on active seagoing duty and work aboard:

  • A cruise vessel
  • A yacht exceeding 100 tons & professionally managed by a ship or yacht management company
  • A vessel belonging to a Merchant Marine
  • Marine employees traveling to/from oil rigs, which are maneuverable under their own power
  • Persons contracted & traveling to perform services on Offshore or Onshore Oil or Gas floating or stationary rigs & associated installations

Eligible Crew Members

  • Employees involved in the day-to-day operational running of the ship
  • Ship's crew
  • Oil rig workers
  • Cruise ship concessionaires e.g. hairdressers or entertainers
  • Ship's inspectors and technical staff traveling to/from new-buildings or vessels in harbor or dry dock
  • Service Engineers, Contractors, traveling to/from vessel to carry out work on a vessel whether in dock or at sea
  • Spouses and children/youth (below 16 years of age) traveling with crew member or to/from a vessel where the active crew member is signed on.Note: Most of the airlines do not allow to use Marine & Offshore fares for Children /Youth/Infant
  • Workers engaged in contract drilling of offshore oil and gas wells & deep water drilling
  • Anyone employed to work on an offshore rig providing engineering, mechanical, scientific & management services such as Geologists, Rig \ Managers, Drilling Crews, Load-handling crew, Catering/Living quarter crews. In addition to normal offshore rigs, Jack up rigs, Submersibles, Drill ships, Floating Production vessels & Land rigs are also included.
  • Sub-contractors providing ancillary services such as ‘Mud Engineers’ & diving crews providing sub-sea well maintenance.


At boarding, the airline will request any or all of the following documents to verify marine fare eligibility:

Identification Crew ID-Card or Cruise Line I.D. Card or a letter written on cruise company's letterhead certifying crew is traveling as a contractor/vendor/ship's crew member on behalf of the cruise line.
Passenger’s Verification A confirmation written on the original letterhead of the shipping/cruise company, or the shipping/cruise company’s agent, the ship's captain, the manning or crew recruitment agency. The written confirmation/application must state the crew member's name, date of travel, name and location of vessel and verify the passenger's position of employment on board.
Assurance A letter of guarantee issued by the cruise/shipping company or the manning/crew recruitment agency.
Document for Floaters Marine employees traveling to/from floating or stationary oil rigs which are maneuverable under their own power must be in possession of a letter issued by the employer or rig owner. The letter must state the rig's name and location, dates of travel as well as certify that the rig is a "floater." A general mobilization letter will not suffice as proof of eligibility.
Letter for Family Spouse/Children of a seaman traveling to/from vessel and who has been added to the ship’s manifest. They must have a letter of authorization on letterhead of the shipping company or cruise line, which confirms that the passenger is joining the ship to meet active crew member. It must state the passenger's name, the date of travel as well as the name and the location of the vessel and its destination ports and the crew member's position of employment on board.


We strongly recommend that a crew carry the proper documents. Any person not able to produce these documents upon demand by the airline may be denied boarding or will be required to purchase a replacement ticket at whatever applicable fare exists at that time. The marine travel company cannot be held responsible for any subsequent charges. In addition to the above proof of employment, crew members may require a Visa or Ok-To-Board message from the Agent/Shipping Company and/or other country specific documentation as well as valid passport to travel internationally.